7 Sure Fire Tips To Finding Prince Charming – Number Two Is So Obvious!


Tired of awkward nobodies asking you out?  Are all the good ones taken and you’re literally the only single girl in your circle of friends?  The problem isn’t you, it’s everyone else!

Newz.net.au recently caught up with Juliet Spiral, a celebrity dating expert who has helped Hollywood super stars such as Belle of ‘Beauty and the Geek’ fame, cleaner turned super celeb Cindy Rhella, and little know fifth Kardashian sister Pocahontas Kardashian.

Yo man.
“You’re entitled to me!”

Juliet had a lot to say but we managed to cut it down to these seven easy to follow tips!

  1. Put yourself in situations where you can meet the man of your dreams! Fall asleep in a forest, hang out in or around castles, clean soiled linens down by the river, sing a musical piece about being special while involving strangers on your morning walk to work, anything that could attract that special guy.
  2. Be a literal princess. Guys love a challenge and being a member of a royal family really makes guys fawn over your amazing personality! Ensure that if you’re not royalty he is.
  3. Make guys pursue you! Not the creepy ones obviously – just the ones that are tall (but not too tall), dark (but not too dark), and handsome (preferably models).
  4. Just because you’re not perfect doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be. Be picky! You’re in your prime and that isn’t going to change ever, ensure that your standards are really, really, really high.
  5. Obsess over the little things. He said ‘Hi’ this morning, but was it ‘Hi!’ or ‘Hi!’, you know?
  6. Compare him to celebrities. Lord Farquaad jawline, Beast biceps, Tony Stark bank account. You must be this tall to ride.
  7. Never pursue a guy that you like. Guys have been taking the brunt of most relationship rejection on the chin like champs for a long time now – don’t ruin this great tradition by doing what YOU want! If he doesn’t pursue you then it “wasn’t meant to be”. If you find that this doesn’t work just watch any Disney movie 4-5 times in a row and reassure yourself that your entitlement is real.

The rest is up to you, not that you have to do a whole lot, you totally deserve him and I really feel like the Universe is talking to me right now about how you’re, like, definitely going to find the perfect guy.


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