Celine Dion Cancer Cluster

Near, far. Where ever you are!

With the celebrity deaths of music legend David Bowie on January 10 and Nakatomi Plaza terrorist, Alan Rickmans death just days later it is easy to see why the news may be on a bit of a celebrity death bender.

Unfortunately for the press, quality celebrity death can be hard to come by but luckily Celine Dion was there to generate some more clicks.

Celine is once again in the spotlight due to a string of deaths of people close to the once famous singer. It has been widely reported that she lost her husband to cancer earlier in the week and then just two days later she lost her brother.  Though as one of thirteen siblings, Celine is likely to have backups.

newz.net.au got our intern, Dave, to do some investigative journalism and to see if a link could be found between Celine’s recent losses and those of actual celebrities.  Although google image searching couldn’t place Celine in the same photograph as either Bowie or Rickman with any real certainty.

Dave was able to confirm that Celine’s music is largely cancerous to society. He also believes that this picture may be of Celine and Bowie but said it was too blury to make any concrete accusations.

Celine and Bowie Dancing In The Street together.. supposedly.
Celine and Bowie Dancing In The Street together.. supposedly.

Stay tuned to newz.net.au for any further Celine Dion cancer news developments.

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