Chris Gayle Asks A Girl Out – Media Loses Its Mind

Chris Gale ‘Triggers’ The Media.

West Indian batsman Chris Gayle has managed to upset the media overnight by flirting on-air with Channel 10 ‘journalist’ Mel McLaughlin.

During Tens coverage of the Big Bash League Gayle sighted one of his reasons for participation as being to get a chance to meet Mel and then went on to suggest that they should get a drink later.  Its not that unreasonable really, the pair clearly have a shared interest in Cricket, they’d have a lot to talk about.

McLaughlin, whose appearance is clearly not a contributing factor to her being on air in the first place, appeared to actually blush and failed to maintain eye contact when Gayle asked her out.

Supposedly Ten has given a statement where they said they would strip its microphone off the controversial superstar for the rest of the Big Bash League season and seek an apology.

If anything, Its Mel who owes Gayle an apology after not giving him an answer and leaving him shot down like a guy in the friendzone proposing at a rock concert.

Presenters on Nines morning show ‘Today’ have also condemned the cricketers comments citing Twitter as their primary source for gauging public response.  They also called the interview awkward and made funny faces as they realised that if a cricketer could disarm them on air so easily then they need to ensure that a flirty precedent isn’t set for future interviews.

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