Church To Fund Plebiscite NO Side With The Tax Dollars They Don’t Pay.

Church leader, Glenn Daisies
This guy knows what God wants but just needs money to tell you.

Australian church leaders are placing the Liberal Government under pressure to uphold their word on something the Prime Minister may have loosely said in a meeting during the election campaign.

Although 70% of Australians already support marriage equality, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Gelnn Daisies is daft enough to think that there are still people who are undecided on this issue.  He believes the Australian Taxpayer should foot the bill to fight a losing battle. He also alleges Mr Turnbull pinky swore at the Parliament House coffee shop one day.. when no one else was around.

“I think a few million dollars would really help people to change their mind.  There’s a lack of education in the community on the horrors of letting two people who love each other marry.”

We asked the lady who works at the coffee shop downstairs and she thinks the church can pay the bill for their own bigotry.

“Why can’t the Archbishop pay with the tax dollars they don’t pay, rather than the ones that I do?”

Rekt. asked a government official on Monday about the suggestion that the Church could be taxed to fund gay weddings.  Should marriage equality laws pass, lavish taxpayer funded events in the style of a Mehajer Auburn spectacular could be next on the agenda.

Salim himself reached out to us for comment.

“Ill personally fly a government funded chopper and drive a ridiculously expensive sports car for any gay couple who get married in Auburn.”

The ex-Auburn Deputy Mayor says he plans to launch a new side business doing weddings on the weekends.  He says his one stop shop for same sex marriage was expected to start taking bookings as soon as a YES result is returned on the plebiscite.

“I’ts a really great way to line my pockets.  I’m even thinking of becoming a DJ.”

Salim agrees..
Salim agrees..

Of course, there’s also the possibility of extending the business to provide wedding aftercare.. with a separation advice line.

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