Domino’s Pizza – 5 Pop-Ups or its FREE!



International pizza moguls, Domino’s Pizza have today announced a radical new promotion that is set to revolutionise their customers experience.

Finishing yesterday, Domino’s ‘5 Pop-ups or FREE’ promotion’ promised customers who order online that they are now guaranteed to be presented with a minimum of five obnoxious pop ups, or free! asked Domino’s CEO of Marketing, Tony Pepperoni just how did they manage to come up with the offer.

“We noticed a strong trend in the fast food industry where other popular American chew ‘n spew joints were doing these pop-up shops.”

Hysteria swept Australians with a ‘can’t miss out’ attitude and fat asses earlier this year when In-N-Out burger sold their slop from a park.

Domino’s clearly aren’t ones to miss out on cashing in on the pop-up fad too.

“We guarantee that you will never be able to order from us without being presented with at least 5 pop-ups.  That’s our promise to you.”

When we suggested that perhaps Tony may have confused pop-up shops with pop-up advertising his response was firm.

“The research is clear.  Five popups per order maximises sales and pushes most customers to the point of frustration.  Just not far enough to stop them ordering.”

Testing the offer put the ‘5 Pop-ups or FREE’ promotion to the test.  We ordered five garlic breads on five different electronic devices and found that each time we were asked repeatedly to add desserts, stuff our crusts and even to add pizza our order.  Nice.

Here are some sample pop-ups for those of you who refuse to miss out too.

Three – Starting to get annoying..
Four. Sigh..
Five.. Fuck this shit!

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