ISIS Money Scramble – US Makes It Rain


Mosul – January 17, 2016

Coalition forces in Iraq have bombed an Islamic State cash and finance distribution center in Mousl, Iraq’s second largest city, which has been under IS occupation since July 2014.

The bombing, which took place on January 11, saw US warplanes drop two 2000 pound freedom bombs on a warehouse thought to contain some of the 363 tonnes of physical US currency that they had previously air dropped into the country and lost.  True story.

It is also possible that other currencies were contained in the building but officials were vague when reputable news outlets asked them about it.

Like the dickhead kid that everyboy in the playground avoided, and not wanting to miss a prime opportunity for an update to their Youtube accounts, the money was slapped from the hands of ISIS in a rather spectacular fashion.

We have been told by no one who would know, that although the video features no audio the pilot did in fact scream ‘Money Scramble’ as the trigger was pulled.

In a normal money scramble situation it is usually those closest to the slapped money holder that capitalise the most.  Unfortunately in this instance the 5 closest people were civilians and weren’t able to grab any cash because they were killed.

Also of note the video calls ISIS, Daesh.  We hear they don’t like that.  Perhaps not as much as their cash stash being blown up, but still.

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