Jesus Saves The Block With Carpentry


On last nights episode of Channel 9’s ‘The Block’ contestants Crybaby and Whitney made the sudden decision to sack their carpenter, Some Guy.

For reasons unknown to, Crybaby and Whitney seemed rather upset, with Crybaby at one point saying “We’re scared to go into our apratment.”



Whitney telling Some Guy he's sacked.
Whitney telling Some Guy he’s sacked.


Once Some Guy and ‘his boys’ were da fuck outta there, Keith and past contestant Foredan were left with the daunting task of finding a replacement carpenter.

“Oh my!  How will we ever get out of this pickle.” exlaimed Foredan. Off camera. To no one.

Keith flipped through what appeared to be his business card collection, then reached into his pants and grabbed the only tool for the job and dialed the number of the only carpenter capable of saving their asses. His buddy Jesus.


Keith gets his Buddy Jesus on the phone.
Keith gets his Buddy Jesus on the phone.


9 thirty second commercials later, Jesus appeared on Whitney’s balcony.


Jesus meets Whitney Houston


With just 72hours to spare until total tools down be sure to stay tuned to see if Jesus saves The Block and can pull off a miracle.


Bonus Slappers.
Bonus Slappers.

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