Police Harass Aspiring Junior Physicist and Linguist

Raymond looking concerned he'll never get to work for SpaxeX afer his brush with the law.

Mt Druit – January 21, 2016

The mother of an aspiring junior physicist and linguist has taken to social media to draw attention to the terrible treatment of her offspring by local police officers.

Young Raymond and his friends were making use of their downtime during school holidays by heading down to their local park to work on their extra credit assignment – Trajectory and Velocity of Projectile Segments of Compressed Earth Sediment and the Effect on Moving Vehicles – when the ‘Copper dogs’ arrived to harass and oppress him.

Luckily Raymond’s Mother, Raelene (Ray and Rae.. Cute, uh!) was nearby. She arrived on the scene to find that Raymond had been handcuffed to prevent him from scribbling further calculations. Then she did what any parent would do when their 10 year old ‘little man’ is arrested.  She whipped out her government funded smartphone and started recording.

Despite his inability to write Raymond briefly continues his experiments by practicing his mental arithmetic using the trajectory of his saliva before quickly switching to his linguistic studies.

Fuck me dead.  These cunts are fucking killin’… You’re lucky bra, you’re a fucking copper

(Raymond is clearly jealous that he has not yet been accepted into the Police Force.)

Later in the video, Raelene says with maximum sass

Cause this here is going viral this motherfucker.


Half a million views.. and FIVE likes! lol.
Half a million views.. and FIVE likes! lol.


Due to the number of surnames given in the video and then a different one used on Facebook, it is believed that when Raelene refers to ‘Mounty County’ that she is in fact making reference to her bedroom.  Though this is unconfirmed.


The young gentleman testing the viscosity of his saliva. Always the scientist!
The young gentleman testing the viscosity of his saliva. Always the scientist!


Raymond, whose favourite colour is clearly red, says that when he completes his studies he hopes to start his career working with Elon Musk at Tesla or SpaceX.

Good luck to you young man!








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