Transgender Woman Spends A Fortune Trying To look Perfect – Falls $20 Short


In today’s ‘why the fuck is this news?’ newz, actual media outlets around the globe are reporting the story of a transgender woman who has spent over $108,000 on plastic surgery and has vowed to continue with more until she reaches ‘perfection’.

So long as your idea of perfect is to look like Janice from the Muppet band then we here at reckon another $20 worth of surgery should just about do it.

Although many of the articles focus on the typical story of a normal family guy who feels like a woman trapped in a mans body, we’re calling bullshit.

This woman clearly has a lot going on and needed more money for more surgery.  Although its touching that the media is so willing to share her story its pretty obvious that they just wanted to post her pictures for freak show value and to collect those sweet sweet revenue raising page views.  Kinda like what we are doing here.

Here’s a bonus video of Janice.

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